Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering  

Crain & Associates of Southern California offers traffic engineering and transportation planning services to a wide range of clients. Serving Southern California and many other areas of California since 1980, our solutions-oriented staff brings extensive knowledge and expertise in solving traffic, transportation and environmental problems. Experience gained from projects such as the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles has enabled us to established a unique ability to work with local transportation agencies, as well as, regional, state and federal level agencies, on multi-jurisdictional projects. Many of our projects are multi-modal and address a complete range of transportation alternatives involving community outreach programs, environmental assessment, monitoring of ground access systems, and analysis of urban land use. Our services include assisting clients in preparing for planning commission and local city council meetings and frequently, we represent our clients in these meetings.

Traffic Impact Studies

Crain & Associates is often called upon to assess the traffic impact of a project on area intersections and surrounding roadway networks. At first, we evaluate existing conditions to establish area traffic-related characteristics. Potential project traffic impact and area growth are then added to the existing conditions base to determine area deficiencies and opportunities for transportation improvements. The analyses follow City, County, or Caltrans guidelines and utilize the latest national or regional trip generation techniques. The result is a document with a defined improvement program to offset potential impacts to the area roadway system. Through innovative and comprehensive design, we develop mitigation packages that improve traffic operations in a project area. We prepare traffic impact analyses for all types of land uses ranging from industrial projects to single family residential tracts; from large office complexes to shopping centers; and from healthcare facilities to residential mixed-use projects.

Master Plans and Specific Plans

Crain & Associates assists clients with the traffic and transportation aspects of master plans, specific plans and environmental impact reviews. Specific examples of these include housing developments, industrial developments, university expansion programs such as the Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) for UCLA, and entertainment industry studio expansions. We have assisted many universities and other campus environments such as Amgen and Warner Bros. Studios in addressing the programmatic needs of expansion, as well as, assessing the environmental constraints of their unique settings. We have extensive expertise with CEQA, NEPA, EIS/EIR and other environmental rules and regulations of the local, state and federal governments.

Traffic Engineering Design

Crain & Associates transportation engineers are skilled at assisting clients in the design and implementation of transportation improvement programs. From analysis and design to assisting clients with construction management services, we have prepared numerous striping, street lighting and signal designs to the specifications of local jurisdictions. Plans have included re-striping and/or widening roadways, installing new signals, modifying existing signals, constructing new roadway segments, and planning work site traffic control. All designs are developed to provide safe and efficient passage of vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and individuals with physical challenges. We analyze the capacity and operational efficiency of intersections and roadways, and develop designs that enhance overall user safety and efficiency. We have developed transportation improvement plan sets for large projects including Westfield Topanga Shoppingtown and Playa Vista, and for smaller projects involving redesign of an intersection and preparation of a single striping, signal, street lighting plan or a combination of these features.

Parking Demand Analyses

Crain & Associates has unparalleled experience in all facets of parking analyses, including determining required parking needs (actual demand estimates and Code-required parking), assessing parking adequacy, and developing parking management programs. Our projects have ranged from parking requirement and supply adequacy assessments for single sites, such as the LA Mart, to conducting area wide surveys. We provide evaluation of parking demand, supply, parking fee structures and price sensitivity, and developing recommendations and programs to provide additional parking, including new site development and use maximization of existing parking resources. Projects have included, among others, the San Vicente Corridor Parking Utilization Study, and the Westwood Parking Inventory and Analysis. Additionally, we have conducted parking analyses and recommendations for various housing developments, industrial developments, entertainment industry studio expansions, and sports and entertainment venues, including the Staples Center and the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Crain & Associates has also evaluated the parking issues, demands, constraints, and solutions present in the Community Redevelopment Agency study areas for the City of Los Angeles.

Site Planning

Crain & Associates has expertise in site plan development. Frequently, we are requested to evaluate site plans regarding access, circulation, and parking layouts. This work may involve truck turning analyses and loading dock access review. We assist our clients with review of slope and driveway width requirements, optimum queuing capacities, and other vehicular safety issues to identify optimum access and egress conditions for a project.

Congestion Management Plans

Crain & Associates is a leader in helping clients determine what is necessary to establish a Congestion Management Plan that will be approved by local agencies and subsequently, will be implemented. Successful CMP's have been created and implemented for several clients such as studies providing input to the County of San Bernardino's CMP. We also monitor CMP programs for both the private and public sectors, and assist in identifying areas for improvements, should any be needed.

Transportation Demand Management Programs

Crain & Associates develops Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs. These trip reduction programs can provide a full range of transportation options and enhancements and may also be used to reduce the traffic impacts of proposed development. Alternative modes emphasized by these programs include bus and rail transit, carpools and vanpools, bicycles and walking. Measures for enhancement include information distribution, on-site transit pass sales, carpool/vanpool coordination and financial incentives.

Bicycle Path Design

Crain & Associates staff provides overall transportation planning including bicycle planning. Route designs have included bicycle Class 1 (bike path), Class 2 (bike lane) and Class 3 (bike route) design and evaluation.