For over 30 years, Crain & Associates, a leading transportation planning and traffic engineering firm in Southern California, has played an integral role in the growth of the region through its innovative traffic and transportation solutions. We offer state-of-the-art traffic engineering skills and technical expertise, regional transportation perspective, extensive area-wide experience, excellent reviewing agency rapport, and collective knowledge to produce traffic and transportation engineering solutions that enable our clients to achieve superior results.

Since 1980, our firm has served a large and diverse client base to include a full range of private and public projects. Our team of highly-qualified engineers and support staff is immediately available to provide the highest quality of services to meet project needs in a timely and efficient manner. From concept to construction, we offer a full array of innovative transportation and traffic engineering services, which include the following:

Transportation Planning
   • Traffic Impact Study
   • Parking Demand Analysis
   • Travel Demand Forecasting / Modeling
   • Complete Streets Planning
   • Bikeway Planning
   • Transit Center Planning
   • Transportation Demand Management
   • Peer Review

Traffic Engineering
   • Traffic Signal Design
   • Traffic Signal Warrants
   • Striping and Signage Design
   • Street Lighting Design
   • Bikeway and Pedestrian Design
   • Roundabout Design
   • Neighborhood Traffic Management / Traffic Calming
   • Complete Streets Design
   • Transit Hub Circulation Design
   • Caltrans Encroachment Permits
   • Construction and Special Event Traffic Control

Parking Planning and Design
   • Pedestrian and Vehicular Accessibility
   • Site and Parking Planning / Design
   • Site Access and Circulation Design
   • Commercial and Emergency Vehicle Access
   • Loading Dock Clearance Analysis
   • Driveway Approvals

Our talented team of engineers, planners, and staff has been responsible for the transportation planning and design elements for many premiere projects including Fox Studios, UCLA, Century Plaza Hotel, The Grove, Porter Ranch Master Plan, and much more.